2012 MORPS Projections

The 2012 MORPS MLB hitting and pitching projections were published April 4, 2012. Since the site that was used last year for publishing MORPS is no longer available, I have reposted the final 2012 projections below.

Remember to look for whether the roster flag is “Y” or “N” when you look at MORPS projections. The plate appearances for hitters and batters faced for pitchers were adjusted to reflect expected roles when the player flag is “Y”. This also adjusts all other projected stat categories. Players with a “N” flag have not been adjusted because they did not have a defined role on the team prior to the start of the season.

Managers competing in baseball manager leagues used the RC column to evaluate their hitters and ERA or OERV to evaluate pitchers. Roto managers used the ROTO column to evaluate both hitters and pitchers.

Please send comments if you have questions or suggestions.



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