2013 MORPS ROTO Draft Tool

I came across an excel tool last year from Razzball that automated much of the draft process for ROTO leagues.  I modified it with MORPS projections and added a bit more functionality.  It worked well for my ROTO draft last year.  Thus, I decided to use it again this year.  I also decided to share the modified tool this year with MORPS followers.

2013 MORPS Roto Draft Tool 20130223 (XLS)

Take time to check the instructions page.  It highlights what needs done to complete your preparation.  The User Input page allows you to customize the tool for your own league, goals, etc.  The only other page you will need to alter in any way is the Players page.  During the draft, you update players taken on this page with a drop down team selection that uses the teams you entered on the User Input page.  Players are automatically marked as taken in the dashboard by stat and the dashboard by position.  This allows you to see next available players based upon position or any of the standard 5×5 roto stat categories.  The War Room is where all the player draft data is consolidated together to give you a running overview of your team and the other teams in your league.

Feel free to make suggestions for improvement.  Hopefully everyone else finds it as useful as I did with my own drafts.


  1. dcdirewolf

    It appears to only work for up to 12 team leagues, I tried to add two more teams as I play in a 14 team league, but the drop downs on the players tab will only allow 12.

    • Obie

      Thanks for pointing out that issue and sending a solution. I’ve updated the tool to allow the possibility of 22 teams to be entered on the players page.

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    • Obie

      An update to the roto tool was just released. It is based on MORPS projection updates that were released on 3/23.

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