What is OERV?

You will notice a new stat category has been introduced that is unique to MORPS – OERV. OERV stands for out earned run value. This new stat attempts to rank pitchers based upon a combination of performance (earned runs allowed) and the number of outs generated for their team. For example, Aroldis Chapman is expected to have a slightly better ERA than Matt Cain. However, Cain is projected to pitch 211 innings compared to Chapman’s 175. As a result, Cain’s OERV is better than Chapman. For those that play rotisserie baseball, a combination stat like this may not have value. You just want to get the best players in each of X specific categories. Head to head simulation leagues, like baseball manager (BBM), use sabermetric calculations to determine daily winners. These leagues will probably find this new stat very useful. This stat attempts to answer the old question that every fantasy manager in these leagues ask on draft day – “When should I opt for a pitcher that eats innings over the pitcher with a lower ERA”.

One comment

  1. Geoff Buchan

    Roto players *do* (or at least should!) care about context as well. In your example, Cain helps your cumulative ERA more than Chapman, because he throws more innings and has a bigger impact. So OERV may have some broader utility. How is it defined? You describe it, but what is the formula? Cheers, Geoff

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