2014 MORPS Baseline Projections

I’ve received several emails asking about 2014 MORPS projections.  My day job now includes travel which has left me less time to work on these projections.  In the interest of time, I have put together a quick and dirty baseline version of 2014 MORPS projections.  “What does this mean?” you may ask.  Well… the short story is that the projections do not include any player team changes or role changes.  I also did not error check.  Will Cano’s stats go down in Seattle?  Absolutely, but this set of projections have not accounted for his change in venue.  You will need to take this into account if you are preparing for an early draft.  Those things being said, the projection engine is the same one I automated last year.  This means that the projections are still based on four years of data, positional mean regression, etc.  In most cases, the numbers are fairly close to final values.  Time permitting, I hope to publish a set of updated projections during Spring Training that include player roles and team changes.

Baseline 2014 MORPS Batting and Pitching projections are available in excel and PDF formats.  Follow the links below to download your copy.

2014 MORPS Batting Projections Baseline (XLS)

2014 MORPS Batting Projections Baseline (PDF)

2014 MORPS Pitching Projections Baseline (XLS)

2014 MORPS Pitching Projections Baseline (PDF)

If you player Roto baseball, you will find the projections already sorted in Roto Rank order.  If you play a more realistic version of fantasy baseball, like BBM, you will need to resort the XLS spreadsheet in RC order for batters and OERV order for pitchers.

Play Ball!

One comment

  1. Luke

    It’s funny because after I said “booyah” after seeing the projections released then I literally said aloud “wait, what does that mean?” after I saw they were Baseline projections, just as you predicted in your post there. Either way, very excited to have your 2014 data to fiddle around with!

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