Final 2014 MORPS Projection Updates

Most opening day rosters are set which means its time for the final 2014 MORPS projections.  If you’re a Braves fan, you have to be wondering why your city is cursed.  First its the traffic jam to end all traffic jams.  Next, it’s all your pitchers getting hit by the injury bug.  I’m hoping that some minor adjustments this year will yield even better results for this year’s projections.  We’ll check in October to see how the numbers mapped to real stats.

For those who play Fantasy, remember to sort your stats for your scoring system.  Baseball Manager (BBM) managers should sort batters by Runs Created (RC) and pitchers by OERV.  This should yield the best results for simulation leagues that use real stats for nightly scoring.  Roto leagues should use the projections as presented below.

MORPS updates for pitchers and batters are as follows:

2014 MORPS Batting Projections 20140327 (XLS)

2014 MORPS Batting Projections 20140327 (PDF)

2014 MORPS Pitching Projections 20140327 (XLS)

2014 MORPS Pitching Projections 20140327 (PDF)

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions.

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